Mi24 A.I. Created. Game play video featuring M3A1 fight against Mi24.

We’ve just finished implementing the A.I. system of Mi24 Krokodil.
Mi24 Krokodil is a 2nd generation BattleFrame, comparable machine to the M3A1. The machine (and the A.I. system) is greatly improved from the 1st generation BattleFrame like Mi19 Strelki and Mi20 Shilka.

The ability to use multiple weapon in engagement, the sub machine guns can be used as active missile protection system, computer aided aiming, and the ability to use booster both in defensive and offensive manuever make 2nd BattleFrame like Mi24 much more powerful than its predecessor.

In the video you will see 1 M3A1 vs. 3 Mi24 (1x missile type, 2x cannon type). Please note that the M3 pilot is experienced. M3A1 and Mi24 are both 2nd generation BattleFrame.


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